Dragon City Gems Cheat To Help You Collect More Gold

The virtual game of dragon city provides you an opportunity to build up a city of dragons and further breed them to increase the number of dragons, strong enough to help you collect gold and other gems. Every stage of fight involves in collection of rare gems and gold, with every win. However, with the help of dragon city gems cheat tool, you will be able to collect more gold and gems for free in the city and collect them at the storehouse of your virtual world. It will in turn help you in getting more points.


Step 1 – Download a dragon city gems cheat tool and install it.


Step 2 – Open the ‘cheat’ tool, then the game on your browser and adjust the settings.


Step 3 – Breed dragons of various kinds to get eggs from them. Hatch the eggs to get baby dragons from them. Rear them to make them strong.


Step 4 – Protect your city from being encroached by other dragons, and collect gold and gems by winning each fight. This will also help you to reach the next level of the game.


Step 5 – When your dragons become mature at this stage, mate them to produce new breeds of baby dragons.


In the middle of the game, the cheats are applied to get extra bonus of gems and gold for your stock.

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