Dragon City Food Cheat – Feed Your Dragons Of The Virtual World



The game of ‘dragon city’ in the virtual world is definitely to make you glue to the computer screens. This interesting game needs you to build a virtual city full of dragons, where you can breed them, feed them, rear them and win fights to get more gems and gold. You need to maintain these dragons by providing them more healthy food. Each species of dragon has its different food habit. Therefore, you need to cultivate or gather a variety of food to feed your dragons in order to keep them strong enough to win the fights as well as protect your gold.


Some dragon city food cheat tools are available that will help you to hack and generate food for the dragons.


Step 1 – After downloading the tool, you have to open it in your browser.


NOTE : We will be posting the tool link pretty soon


Step 2- Adjust the setting regarding hacking and security systems. After that, start the hacking process and wait till the process is over.


Step 3- Refresh your browser page and you are ready to experience the fun of hacking dragon city food cheat.


Step 4: Mate the dragons to get the eggs and hatch the eggs in the hatcheries to produce baby dragons. Provide ample food and take care of them, so that they would become strong enough to win battles and fights. Winning the fights will ensure collection of more gems and gold.

Dragon City Breeding Tutorial-Set Up A City Of Dragons

Social point has brought to you an interesting game of dragon city breeding, where you can create a land of dragons. Purchase a land, then get dragon eggs or allow hatching them in the hatcheries. Raise the baby dragons and mate them together to produce more eggs, which would be used to generate more dragons. Here is the steps that you can follow as dragon city breeding tutorial.


Step 1 – Select two dragons of your choice and mate them. The process will give the resultant egg. Click on the egg, so that it is hatched in the hatchery and a baby dragon is born.


Step 2 – Feed the baby dragons so that they become big and stronger enough. The stronger your dragon will prove at the battlefield, the more gold you will be able to collect.


Step 3 – Collect the gold that your dragons have been able to get for you.


Step 4 – At this level (level 4), your dragons have become eligible to mate. Mate them to produce newer breeds of dragon and place them in your dragon city.


Step 5 – You can sell your older dragons to get gold. Selling them will also make space for the newer dragons to fill up the space, on one hand, and save wastage of gold on the other.


This dragon city breeding tutorial will definitely help you to play the game easily


Dragon City Gems Cheat To Help You Collect More Gold

The virtual game of dragon city provides you an opportunity to build up a city of dragons and further breed them to increase the number of dragons, strong enough to help you collect gold and other gems. Every stage of fight involves in collection of rare gems and gold, with every win. However, with the help of dragon city gems cheat tool, you will be able to collect more gold and gems for free in the city and collect them at the storehouse of your virtual world. It will in turn help you in getting more points.


Step 1 – Download a dragon city gems cheat tool and install it.


Step 2 – Open the ‘cheat’ tool, then the game on your browser and adjust the settings.


Step 3 – Breed dragons of various kinds to get eggs from them. Hatch the eggs to get baby dragons from them. Rear them to make them strong.


Step 4 – Protect your city from being encroached by other dragons, and collect gold and gems by winning each fight. This will also help you to reach the next level of the game.


Step 5 – When your dragons become mature at this stage, mate them to produce new breeds of baby dragons.


In the middle of the game, the cheats are applied to get extra bonus of gems and gold for your stock.